Death of the filmmaker Jonas Mekas, the pope of the diary filmed and the underground new york

Emblematic Figure of the independent film and underground, Jonas Mekas died at the age of 96 years. DR. He is the inventor of the diaries being filmed. One who is not separated ever from his camera and filmed the daily life in its simplest representation has been an iconic figure of independent cinema. The expression “his life, his work” was never more well illustrated in the career of an artist. We have just learned of the death of the great Jonas Mekas… #jonasmekas — ♦️POTEMKIN♦️ (@PotemkineFilms) January 23, 2019

Born in 1922 in Lithuania, Jonas Mekas has seen the labour camps during the second world war. It émigrera to New York in 1949 where he found his first 16 mm camera, a Bolex. In the big apple, he shot his first pictures, then meets the artistic avant-garde and defend the idea of an independent cinema as opposed to Hollywood. In 1954, he founded with his brother Adolfas, Film Culture, a magazine on cinema, and in 1958, he began to write his diary of the film for the Village Voice.

His filmography is in the image of the artist, constantly in search, daring to capture the insignificant. Filmmaker of the present, Jonas Mekas has made a life of his subject of study, not as a way to celebrate (the man was not narcissistic) but to testify, to give an account. His eye was a camera and she was recording her gaze.